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Hello, I really need the money right now, and since I haven't touched my games in about a year now, I decided to try and sell them. My prices aren't the best, but I'm willing to do my best to make a sale, so if you don't like it, then suggest the highest price you're willing to pay. I'm really nice and understanding, so please don't be shy. 

I'm not a new seller, so don't worry! I have no problem showing you my past sales post or ebay feedback! Feel free to ask for any pictures!!!

DS Games
Luminous Arc 2 - $30
Comes with outer box, case, OST, manual/pamphlet, and game. Everything is in Like new condition besides the outer box. It's flap is torn and ripped, but that's it! Nothing else wrong! The OST has never been played! I paid $40

Harvest Moon DS - $10
Includes case, no pamphlet

Pokemon Diamond - $18
Includes case, no pamphlet

Spectrobes - $6 or free with a purchase of $27 and higher
The edge of the case has bite marks from my dog, does not come with pamphlet. Comes with a Windora Sordina card

Naruto - Path of the Ninja - $5 or free with a purchase of $25 and higher
Includes case, no pamphlet.

Animal Crossing Wild World - $9
Includes case, no pamphlet.

Harvest Moon DS cute - $12
includes case & pamphlet

Lost In Blue - $8
Has case & I THINK pamphlet. Will check

Pokemon Platinum - $24
Has case & pamphlet

Shipping for 1 = $3
Shipping all = $10-15

Nintendo DS Lite Pink - Best offer
In working condition with a few faults. The thin bracket on the cover fell off, so the top screen doesn't have any support. So if you were to turn the game system over, the top part would swing open. Furthermore, the touch screen has a slight default. It can still be used, but typing a name or something take a little bit more time. For example, if you wanted to type in "a" the system might actually punch in the letter to the right of it. And lastly, the stylus it came with was destroyed by my dog, though it's still in the slot (I disinfected it before placing it back) since it bothered me w/o it. So I will include a different stylus with it. It'll come with a charger.

Luminous Arc 2 Art Book 
Has smeared color pencil marks on the back. Happened while I was moving things. I tried my best to erase it. This is the cheapest price anywhere. It's a pre-order bonus! Very rare!
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